Upcycled Media Patchwork Tote

Upcycled Media Patchwork Tote

Upcycled VHS Candice Handbag

Upcycled VHS Candice Handbag

Upcycled VHS Elizabeth Handbag

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The Elizabeth shoulder bag is made from crocheted VHS tapes with a re-purposed fabric lining from a thrift store. Overall, this one is our favorite piece in the Upcycled VHS line. It can be used as your everyday handbag or to add a unique touch to your favorite dressy outfit. The crocheted tape is stiff and will hold it's shape well.

The silver chain shoulder strap is also re-purposed thrift store material and measures approximately 30" long. The chain hangs from swiveling grommets that allow you to tuck it in and use the bag as a clutch. The bag is approximately 8 1/2" wide by 6" high with a 3" button down flap. These bags are one of the most creative reuses of materials we've ever seen.
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