Product and Inventory Questions

Why don't you carry bras in larger sizes?
We do!! At one point, this was our most often asked question. However, we are happy to report that we've continued to expand our line of organic cotton bras and lingerie to be as inclusive as possible. With our recent addition of intimates from Swegmark of Sweden, we now have bras that go all the way to 46DDD. We also have a few styles from other vendors that run as small as 30AA. We're very excited that our new site has ability to sort bras by cup and band size, making it easy for you to find exactly what's available in your size.
Do you have items that are Made in the USA?
Yes! We have a lot of Made in the USA products. Every product page shows exactly where the item is made (sewn) and whenever possible, where the fabric is sourced from. We've also got a certification section on each page to show which certifications the product has. We've included a Made in the USA flag to make it easy to spot those vendors that are supporting American manufacturing. We also manufacture our own in-house brand of intimates, Green Tree Organic, right here in Oregon. At the moment we don't have a comprehensive list of all the products made in America, but you can start with these manufacturers, who manufacture exclusively in the USA:

Are any of your products latex free?
Oddly enough, we have found that most manufacturers cannot confirm one way or another whether there is latex in their elastic. However, we have managed to get, in writing, confirmation from a few of our vendors that their products are completely latex free. We should point out though, that we are not medical professionals. The fact that something is confirmed as latex free does not necessarily mean that you personally might not have a reaction to it. Many people with latex sensitivities may also have sensitivities to other elastics. Love Nature for example, uses 85% polyammide and 15% elastam in their elastic. So their elastics are latex-free, but not organic.
With those caveats, here are our confirmed latex-free products.
I'm chemically sensitive. Can you recommend some items for me?
We are not medical professionals and the term "chemically sensitive" has quite a broad meaning. Some products that work for one chemically sensitive person don't work for others. That said, we do have a few products that seem to be fine for a majority of chemically sensitive folks. Everything from the brand Cottonique is specifically designed for folks with skin contact allergies. Many of our customers with MCS have also had great success with Indigenous Designs.

If you have a specific type of item you are looking for, please contact us and we'll do our best to steer you in the right direction.
When will "the-product-I'm-interested-in" be back in stock?
We get this question often, but can't really answer it here. We get restocks in every week. However some items are discontinued or may be out of stock at the manufacturer. In addition, during the recent economic downturn, many of the smaller manufacturers we were working with have gone out of business, leaving us with a lot of products that we can no longer restock. We are trying to put “last of stock” information on as many products as possible to make your shopping choices clearer.

Please contact us with the product name, color and size you're interested in and we'll let you know when and if you can expect it.

Purchasing Questions

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
Absolutely! We use 256-bit encryption standards to ensure your information cannot be read by anyone else during checkout; we do not store any credit card information in our databases; and we are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard compliant. For much more details on security please review our Security Information section and read our blog post entitled Is Your Credit Card Information Safe?
Do you have a printed catalog that you can mail me?
Unfortunately, we do not. We've looked into this several times, but the cost (both financially and environmentally) of mailing a printed catalog has been prohibitive. We are looking into putting together a PDF downloadable catalog, though there is not a set time for completion at this point.
How do I get a coupon code?
The best way to get coupons, special offers and new product information is to sign up for our newsletter. We don't sell or share e-mail addresses, and the newsletter is sent out just once each month. You can sign up on the Subscribe box in the footer from any page in our store. Remember to add to your safe senders list so the coupons don't end up in your junk mail folder.
Do you offer a new customer discount?
We do not have a specific new customer discount. We offer our newsletter discounts to every one of our loyal customers and followers. We think that is a much fairer way to do business. You may occasionally find a one-time only coupon as part of an advertising packaging we are trying out, but again, it will be available on a one-time basis to any of our customers.
I found one of your products on sale somewhere else, will you match the price?
This is a tricky one, because we always charge less than MSRP on our products. We've even seen crazy things like competitor advertisements offering 30% off on a product we carry, but their "everyday" price was so much higher than ours that even with 30% off of their price, we were cheaper! However, businesses do decide to stop carrying items or clear them out, and we have occasionally seen a clearance sale whereby the other company is offering something at or even below what we paid. In those cases, we simply cannot match their price. They are essentially just trying to recover whatever investment they have in order to buy something else. If you find an everyday price (not a sale price) that is lower than ours, please contact us and we will check if we can match or beat it
Why don't bras and panties ever seem to go on sale?
We have a very hard time keeping bras and panties in stock. Bra and panty manufacturers seem to go out of business on us every few months. Because of that, we end up taking bigger risks with intimates, buying and stocking more than we normally would on other items and then having to warehouse them.

We put twice as much time and effort into getting the bras and panties in and keeping them stocked than anything else in the store. In addition, most Europeans are used to paying a lot more for bras than we are here in the US. So an $80 or $90 bra is common as is a $30 or $40 pair of underwear. (We've tried a few of those, but they just don't really sell here). So to keep prices reasonable everyday, we take a smaller profit on bras and panties. This is even true of the panties we manufacture in-house. We wanted to keep the price range to $12-$14 per pair regardless of the cost of production.

Please take a look at some of the other US companies selling organic cotton panties. You'll find we're the only company that has a very large selection of organic panties for less than $20 each. And the few brands we carry that are more readily available in the USA are offered at 10% off every single day. (For example, all of our Blue Canoe bras and panties are at least 10% off every day without a sale.)

If you've made it this far, we can tell you that our Anniversary is in July. We premiered our webstore July 22, 2005. Each July we do a one-week sale that includes every single item in the store - including bras, panties and clearance items - as a celebration of our anniversary. So this is the one time of year to stock up and save. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss the sale as the exact dates change from year to year. You can sign up in the Subscribe box in footer from any page in our store.

Store Policy Clarifications

I have some panties/underwear that were never even tried on, can I return them?
Unfortunately, no. We've really tried to make the no return policy on panties clear, but let's elaborate on why. For hygienic reasons, we cannot resell panties once they've left our warehouse. Many of our panties come in “bulk” with no packaging, so we cannot verify what's happened to them after they left us. All of the panties that come wrapped have plastic bags that can be opened and reclosed. We always open a few ourselves to spot check for quality and verify sizing. So even if you tell us they have not been taken out of the plastic, we have no way to confirm that, and we still aren't able to resell them to someone else.

If you do find yourself with a pair of panties or men's underwear that aren't going to work for you, we suggest passing them along to a friend or family member who might be able to make better use of them.
I received a notice that your store provided me a refund, but it still hasn't shown up on my credit card statement. What's the deal?
When we refund a credit card, an e-mail is sent from our merchant bank informing you that the refund has been processed on our end. The money gets deducted from our bank account the next business day, and there is nothing further we can do here. It will generally take 2-10 business days before your credit card company will show it as a refund back to you. The wide time gap depends on the specific credit card company you have, but the majority of them do process the refund within a week.
You don't ship to my country. Why not?
As a small business, even minor cases of fraud can be devastating. There are parts of the world where internet and mail fraud is very high. While we realize that does not mean that there aren't honest people in those countries that may want to do business with us, we simply cannot take the risk of shipping there. So we apologize for the lack of service, but at this time, we have no plans to expand our shipping range. At the moment we do not ship anywhere in Africa, mainland Asia, most of the Pacific Islands or the Middle East. If you live in a country outside one of those areas and you think we may have overlooked your country accidentally, please contact us and we will check into it for you.
Can you ship my package via UPS?
We do not currently have an account with UPS and do not have the ability to ship UPS at this time. The vast majority of our business is relatively light-weight and gets delivered to residences. This makes the US Postal Service's Priority Mail service very attractive and substantially cheaper than UPS. The Postal Service also visits nearly every residence in the country every business day. So from an environmental standpoint, shipping the Postal Service makes sense. The added weight in the delivery truck is minor compared to sending a second truck to place it wasn't already going. We do have a FedEx account and are happy to offer this option now for folks who absolutely cannot get there mail through the US Postal Service. However, please note that our flat rate and free shipping options do not include FedEx. You would have to choose the more expensive FedEx option.

For more information on this topic, check our blog post entitled Product Shipping - Environmental Considerations & Customer Satisfaction
What is your return policy?
Our complete return policy can be found here under Easy Returns.

Wholesale Programs

Do you offer wholesale?
At this point, we are primarily a retailer. However, we do offer wholesale pricing on all of our products. Since many of the manufacturers we work with have minimum opening orders and/or discounts for high volume orders, we are able to assist smaller boutique shops. We can offer products across many different manufacturers with one single minimum order at costs very near what the manufacture would charge. Of course, larger retailers or those who are looking for items from a single vendor would likely do better by contacting each manufacturer directly. For a list of wholesale terms and prices, please contact us.
Do you have a Drop Ship program?
Unfortunately we do not. We had an active drop ship program in the past, but it was not integrated into our main inventory control system. With so many of our manufacturers going out of business, we were having issues with out of stocks that wasn't good for us, our drop shippers or our clients. We considered integrating our drop ship function into our new web design, but that functionality has not been put in place yet. So for now, we are not taking on any drop ship clients.
Are you part of an affiliate program?
We have not yet implemented an affiliate program for those who want to show our products but aren't prepared to take payments directly. We anticipate offering this option at some point in the future, but don't have an exact timeframe at this time.

Blog and Charity Give-a-Way Policies

I'm hosting a charity fashion show (or other event), would you contribute a product or be interested in supporting it?
Since we have an established Charity Program already, we rarely participate in additional charity events. Of course, you are welcome to contact us with your proposal, but at times we have received as many as 20 requests in a single month. At this point, we chose 1 or 2 charity events per year to participate in. If your charity is not chosen, you will not receive a response from us. (It was taking up too much time, and too often a respectful "no" response was followed up with a hard-sell e-mail, so it has become easier for us only to respond to those we want to pursue further.) In your pitch, please include the number of expected attendees and how the event and the sponsoring companies will be promoted.
I have a blog that reviews products and offers give-a-ways. Would you contribute a product for review?
We do occasionally participate in blog give-a-ways as a means of advertising, though we get many more requests than we can support. If you are interested in being considered for a give-a-way sponsorship, please contact us with your blog name, your monthly unique visitors, your total blog subscribers and any cross-promotions (i.e. Facebook, twitter, syndication to other blogs) you do.