Love Bird Nebula Necklace

Love Bird Nebula Necklace

Spiral Peace Bronze Necklace

Spiral Peace Bronze Necklace

Love Bird Peace Bronze Necklace

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A Picasso-inspired design that weds the heart, symbol of love and compassion, with the dove, universal sign of innocence and peace. An original design by Jack Biesek.

Each pendant is 1 1/2" by 1" and weighs 12 grams. Hangs on a 20" coffee colored natural fiber cord.

Comes in a lovely open box that tells the story of Peace Bronze©. Makes a great gift.

From War to Peace has patiently dug up the cabling connecting disarmed nuclear missile silos that was left in the soil of the American Midwest after the cold war. (Note the cabling is not radioactive and never has been.) The metals from the cabling were recycled into their pure forms, and the copper is now being used to create a wonderful alloy called Peace Bronze©. This creation is made from 95% copper, 4% silicon, and about 1% manganese---all of it recycled materials. Peace Bronze© is an entirely American-made product being used to create beautiful jewelry pieces that celebrate peace over war.

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