Mismatched Socks - Blue Spruce

Mismatched Socks - Blue Spruce

High Performance Bamboo Socks

High Performance Bamboo Socks

Latex-Free Bootie Sock 2-Pack

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Chemical-free, synthetic-free, 100% organic cotton bootie-style socks. While we've carried 99.8% organic cotton socks for a while, these are the first completely latex free, spandex free and elastic free socks we've found. This sock has dual layers of organic cotton fabric and were developed without the use any synthetic materials. Can be used for sports or leisure, and they also make great house slippers. Note there is a seam around the foot that has been noted as feeling a bit odd to some wearers, though no one has complained of blisters or chaffing.

  • Small = Men's shoe 5-6, Women's 6-7
  • Medium = Men's shoe 7-8, Women's 8-9
  • Large = Men's shoe 9-10, Women's 10-11
  • X-Large = Men's shoe 11-12, Women's 12-13

  • Allergen Free Design Features:
    ◾Completely latex free and spandex free for sensitive skin
    ◾Purified organic cotton
    ◾Double lining for maximum comfort and absorbency
    ◾Covered Seam prevents rubbing and agitation
    ◾Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin
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    100% Organically Grown Cotton

    Machine Wash cold, tumble dry on low heat only

    Made in the Philippines.