Triquetra Peace Bronze Necklace

Triquetra Peace Bronze Necklace

Triquetra Peace Bronze Earrings

Triquetra Peace Bronze Earrings

OM Peace Bronze Necklace

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The Om symbol represents spiritual balance. Taken from the ancient Sanskrit language, Om is a holy word to Buddhists and Hindus, but its power and meaning extend far beyond any one religion.

Each Pendant is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter.

Waxed cotton fiber cord can be adjusted from approximately 16-30" in length. Comes in a lovely recycled and biodegradable box that tells the story of Peace Bronze©. Makes a great gift.

From War to Peace turns weapons meant to destroy us into art meant to restore us, swords into plowshares, bombs into beauty, hate into love, & war into peace. They recycle copper from disarmed nuclear weapon systems to create a remarkable alloy called Peace Bronze©, made from 95% copper, 4% silicon, and about 1% manganese.

Made entirely in the USA.

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