Multi-Strand Maasai Bracelet - Kenya Gold

Multi-Strand Maasai Bracelet - Kenya Gold

Olkerii Zulugrass Necklace - Amboseli

Olkerii Zulugrass Necklace - Amboseli

Multi-Strand Maasai Bracelet - Shifting Sands

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These multi-strand bracelets contain 16 strands of color with hand-burnished fallen Acacia hardwood, Zulugrass, and porcelain beads strung on durable elastic. This easy to slip on bracelet will certainly become your jewelry staple.
  • Zulugrass beads dyed with low-impact colorfast dyes
  • Czech glass
  • Fallen Acacia hard wood
  • Clay-based porcelain beads fired onsite in Kenya in a bush kiln
  • Elasticated closure for slip on ease
Made in Kenya by Maasai Tribeswomen providing steady income during times of drought. Certified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Federation.

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