Recycled Bottle Asymmetrical Necklace

Recycled Bottle Asymmetrical Necklace

Soapberry & Tagua Spiral Bracelet

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A fun Spiral bracelet from sustainably harvested Soapberry seeds and Tagua nuts. The inside of the strap is wire metal. It adjusts to the shape of your wrist, neck or ankle, so you can wear it anywhere or any way you like. Matches several of our Soapberry and Tagua Necklaces.

Handmade in Canada from natural, biodegradable nuts and seeds that have been Fair Trade harvested from Columbia.

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SOAP NUT SEEDS – The soapberry tree (Sapindus saponaria) is native to southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, extending south through Mexico, Central and South America. The leathery brown berries are rich in saponins. They have the property of foaming with water and have been used as soap in Mexico and tropical America.

The most fascinating part of the fruits are the black, marble-like seeds known as "black pearls" throughout the American tropics. Artisans dry, cut the shell (leathery part), clean polish and drill each bead before making beautiful bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and various handcrafts.