Multi-Strand Maasai Bracelet - Kenya Gold

Multi-Strand Maasai Bracelet - Kenya Gold

Black Zulugrass Cuff Bracelet

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These stunning cuff bracelets have twenty rows of Zulugrass beads, interspersed with Czech glass beads, strung on wire through wood struts for stability as well as looks. Each finely crafted cuff can be gently shaped to fit individual wrist sizes. Low impact dyed.

Made in Kenya by Maasai Tribeswomen providing steady income during times of drought. Certified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Federation.

Zulugrass is harvested by hand, blade by blade from tall stands, and cut by hand, bead by bead. The grass grows with a hole in it and is hard and durable, often used in the furniture industry because of its strength. The environmentally sustainable harvest of the grass also works to preserve the wetlands since the communities no longer burn the grass, which cattle do not eat, to make room for grazing.

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