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Allergen-Free Racerback Front Close Bra

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A full-bodied bra that will give you beautiful support and functionality without any common allergens. This one has a racerback making it better for workouts for allergy sufferers or just those that need more back support. Opens and closes at the front with a hypo-allergenic plastic closure that is easy to use. Special spandex-free, latex-free material at the shoulder straps and at the base band will prevent itching yet give you good support. Undyed.

Allergen Free Design Features:

Racerback styling
Hypo-allergenic plastic front closure for easy wear
Spandex free and latex free shoulder straps and bottom band elastic for comfortable support
All elastics covered by organic cotton
Completely latex free for sensitive skin
Double-layered cotton lining
Covered Seams prevent rubbing and agitation
Irritation-Free label for sensitive skin
Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin

This bra was purpose-designed to reduce reactions for individuals with chemical sensitivities. While we cannot guarantee that these will work for everyone with any chemical sensitivity, a clinical trial has shown moderate or marked improvement in skin rashes and allergies in 88% of patients with skin-contact chemical sensitivities. Ideal for:

• Sensitive Skin • Latex Allergy • Contact Dermatitis • Textile Dye Dermatitis • Eczema • Psoriasis
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100% Organically Grown Cotton

Machine Wash cold, dry flat (do not machine dry)

Made in the Philippines